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It said a lot, speaking to the relative magic of the tech accessories you've come to love and live with I understand you believe that I was given the opportunity to have a 3rd party inspect the vehicle, I am telling you I was not
Ralph as you told me in our first conversation " I don't have to disclose everything to you" this is one of the those things you did not have to disclose, just a play on words right? We stock a wide variety of vehicles and you can be sure to find what you are looking at our dealership An off-board is available, which requires three phase power and gives a 90% charge in one hour

WizGear was a great name.

It is similar to the REVA i, but powered by high performance , which reduce the car's curb weight to 565 kg 1,246 lb , offer greater acceleration, reduce charging time to six hours, and extend the nominal range to 120 km 75 mi
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I know you have the truck as I have seen you have it on sight for sale already, wouldn't the right thing to do be returning me money first
Combined with our friendly atmosphere and unobtrusive service we will leave you feeling extremely satisfied with our service The maximum passenger and cargo weight is 270 kg 600 lb
I inquired if failed your state inspection, which it did not nor was it even taken there The customer received all of his money back from the purchase as agreed

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Like I said in the beginning, not everyone's expectations are the same and I completely understand this
Current REVA i and REVA L-ion models include several new safety features such as front disc brakes, a collapsible steering column, and a much revised and reinforced chassis that has been successfully crash tested in India by
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Ralph not only did the Nissan frontier that I purchased from you have rust throughout the under carriage but throughout the engine as well to the point that the manifold covers are rotting which you continuously told me passed Connecticut state inspection, as well as interior electrical issues and leaking exhaust