Can am x3 2021. 2021 MAVERICK X3 X RS TURBO RR

Internally, the system works by replacing the standard shock piston with one with an electronically activated valve called a DDA valve, for dynamic damping adjustment that can act independently on either the rebound or compression circuits All of the different electronic functions of this particular Can-Am Maverick X3 are controlled by this dash-mounted switch panel
Introduced in mid-2020, the 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR with Smart-Shox technology is not only a mouthful but also Can-Am's newest top-of-the-line side-by-side In 2013 the company launched the Maverick

4 L Glove box: 1.

BRP Maverick X3
132 x 64 x 65
2021 Can
8 cm travel Rear Shocks• 132 x 64 x 65
Новая технология Smart
Much like the early days, Can-Am still retains the title of the most powerful UTV on the market
Unlike its closest competitor, the Maverick had plenty of room for four adults to ride without feeling like they were touching shoulders or sitting in each other's laps The Fox Smart Shox system is the only one on the market currently with the ability to adjust both compression and rebound on the fly
5 gal 40 L Suspensions Front Suspension• It smoked the competitive UTVs we had it out with in straight-line speed and impressed everyone who rode in or drove it Most impressive was how quickly the power came on once the throttle was applied

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To put this in perspective, the wheelbase and track width are about 10 inches greater than a current midsize pickup
2021 Can
ERGO-LOK COCKPIT AND SEATING: Welcome to your office
Новая технология Smart
Built with the best: for revolutionary performance, we worked with FOX to develop all-new Smart-Shox semi-active suspension now available for the Maverick X3