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We achieve this through a total commitment to our customers, our people and innovation Chromium-Vanadium — Greatly improved tensile strength
Due to commercial variations in composition and to manufacturing limitations, they should not be used for specification purposes The production of stainless steel for large projects, applications, and especially construction has meant it is a more widely available material and therefore many people have explored other purposes for it

Furthermore, a nitrogen content which is also found in stainless steel enables the product to fight off a pitting effect that can be seen in many other kinds of metals.

Corrosion Protection Coatings
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Stainless Steel 15
Navy vessels as detailed in MIL-PRF-32171 "The material covered by the specification is intended for use as high durability, wear resistant deck coating for use in high traffic areas, with minimal maintenance
Copper Alloy No. C90300 Tin Bronze Alloy D5
Steel 15-5PH plates come in a variety of forms that are useful for several products including the circuit boards used in electronic devices and decorative laminates
What really makes us different to our customers in aircraft structures and other industries where precision-engineered products are critical, is our flexibility After all, this is what we do
Tycon is one of the leading stainless steel and special alloy foundries in Asia, both in terms of quality accreditation and solution capacity We are the go-to provider of advanced welding consumables, automated equipment for wear protection, and engineered wear solutions

For this particular alloy metal, we offer bars and SS plates as well.

جوّي TV
The most commonly used grades of Alloy Bar:• Investment casting: 100 kg — 500 kg induction furnaces• Monthly capacity: 700 ton Foundry Capacity at Zhongshan, China Under construction• The traditional home style Thai cuisine is still being served up by five chefs renowned in Thailand for their versatility and adherence to Thai style cuisine Aloy Thai has not relented in creating the perfect healthy choices for Boulder residents with particular diets
Sump Guard Alloy TY250
Welding Alloys' unique experience is drawn from more than 50 years of commitment to research and development of specialized products and solutions
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Vanadium — Increases strength, toughness and shock resistance