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Fai clic sul canale TV che preferisci e fai clic sul pulsante di riproduzione sul tuo live streaming per avviare la riproduzione del video Although they were supposed to broadcast nationwide, the services were focused on the larger cities, and for several years they declined to switch their broadcasting format from analog to digital, despite the fact that about 70% of Israeli households were cable subscribers in 5 years
History Until the mid-1980s, only a single television channel operated in Israel - IBA's Channel 1 Channel 2 began its experimental broadcasts at that time Hot also used to be well known for the longest waiting times for customer service in Israel, they forced to get their await time from hours to 3 minutes and the option to get a callback

Some channels broadcast in SD using the same EPG number, and those are shown for non-HD subscribers.

Hot (Israel)
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Channel 12 Israel Live
Not long after it was created, Hot began offering local telecom service using , a voice-over-internet technology, and services as well
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HOT's broadcasting center in the southern outskirts of The company was founded on August 18, 2003 as union of the three national cable companies in Israel — Matav, Tevel, and Golden Channels that can be directly linked to the growing competition of the local satellite television provider
Russian 24 hours 16:9 SDTV 117 Carousel Russian 24 hours 16:9 SDTV 118 JimJam Russian AMC Networks International 24 hours 16:9 SDTV 119 Telecafe Russian 24 hours 16:9 SDTV 120 Travel Channel Russian Scripps International Networks 24 hours 16:9 SDTV 121 Fine Living Russian 24 hours 16:9 SDTV 122 Outdoor Channel HD Russian Drahi completed the takeover in 2011, and offered to buy remaining shares in 2012
חבילת הוט סטודנטים טלוויזיה: חבילת הבסיס + חבילת ערוצי לייף סטייל + חבילת ערוצי סרטים + ספורט 5 פרימיום + 5 ערוצים מובילים ספורט 5 פלוס, ערוץ NG WILD, ערוץ ויוה+, ערוץ ג'וניור וערוץ בייבי אינטרנט: תשתית אינטרנט 200 מגה + רשת ביתית ראוטר בתוספת תשלום ממיר: MAGIC HD מקליט מבצע למצטרפים באתר HOT: שלושה חודשים ראשונים ב-149 ש"ח לחודש ולאחר מכן ב-199 ש"ח לחודש למשך 9 חודשים! הפקות מקור: ׳אוסלו׳, ׳אבאל׳ה׳, ׳שקופים׳, ׳צפוף׳, 'לאבד את אליס', 'במרחק 100 מטר', 'הביוטריות', 'הקיבוצניקים', 'צפוף - עונה חדשה', 'היום שבו נוצלו יהודי בולגרייה', 'בתולות עונה 3', 'איש חשוב מאוד', 'גולסטאר תאילנד', 'המתקשרים', 'להאיר את יוסי', 'מושלמים', 'שבאבניקים', 'ג'ודה', 'פוליאקובים', 'מטומטמת', 'הבורר', זגורי אימפריה', 'כפולה', 'התחנה' ועוד Channel 10 Channel 20 Hala TV Hidabroot I24 News Arabic I24 News English I24 News Français KAN 11 Keshet 12 Knesset Channel Makan 33 Or Hachaim Reshet 13 DISCLAIMER: tvchannels

Logo Name Website Facebook Twitter YouTube WATCH LIVE! In the late 80's, however, pirate cable systems were a popular sights in many of the large cities, first at homes, and then in neighborhoods.

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Channel 12 Israel Live
Hot is not an and is only permitted to offer access
HOT 24 hours Audio 188 Greek Music Channel Also on channel 42
Hot offers about 200 local and foreign-language channels in its services Most programs are in Russian
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The three original companies had not competed with each other since each had been regulated with specific cities and regions around the country.

List of HOT channels (Israel)
HOT Vision was also folded into HOT in 2004
TV Channels from Israel
In August 18th 2003, the three cable companies were merged into HOT, which also purchased "CableTech" to complete its nationwide distribution
Hot (Israel)
Group 24 hours 16:9 SDTV 77 Hop! הצטרפות להוט: כל מה שרציתם לדעת על HOT מה חשוב לדעת על הוט? By 2002, some of the cable services became defunct - "Tevel" and "Gvanim" were merged into "Tevel", while "Idan" was acquired by "Golden Channels"