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Costume designer Susie DeSanto Miss Congeniality, 2000 really went to town Regardless of the mistakes she'd made before, Jenna is actively much nicer to people and wants to make amends
Similar to Alex Black, Lusk appears to have stepped out of the spotlight almost completely Her outfit consists of casual grey trousers with a relatively formal beige jacket

The ending of "13 Going on 30" was even more predictable than I feared it would be, but if you want to preserve the illusion that you don't already know how everything ties together, read no further.

Going on
Yes, I recommend this movie! If you've never seen it before, I highly recommend that you do — it's a genuinely sweet, charming, and funny film
Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo have '13 Going on 30' reunion
The cool girls play a cruel trick on Jenna, but it's one that hurts Matt even more, and Winick handles this section so beautifully that the characters' pain seems to hang in the air like a heavy mist
13 Going on 30
Perhaps I do not know enough about the publishing world! I was told later that one of our producers
The Six Chicks arrive with the cutest boys in class, and trick Jenna into playing ""
She realizes more than anything that all she really wants is Matt, but he's engaged to someone else Jenna realizes more and more that this glamorous life as an editor is actually filled with betrayal, backstabbing, and truly ruthless behavior — something that her 13-year-old mind has trouble grappling with

And a young has a cameo as a Six Chick, which is just.

The Kids From 13 Going On 30 Have Changed A Lot Since 2004
There is also a handful of songs performed by contemporary artists, such as and
Watch 13 Going On 30
The Nostalgia Is a Great Reminder to Be Happy With Where You're at in Life Obviously, Jenna's biggest dream is to be 30 and skip over all of the awkwardness that she's been going through
13 Going On 30: Colourful Jennifer Garner
He doesn't do butts, but he loves his "Sweet Bottom" and knows how to shake it to Vanilla Ice