ماهو الوزر. حق الولد على والديه

Before carriage, you will pay to us the total amount of all applicable taxes, fees and charges imposed on us by a government or other authority, or by the operator of an airport, which we are obliged to collect from you or to pay in respect of your carriage If a tax, fee or charge is imposed or increased after your Ticket has been purchased, you must pay to us any such tax, fee or charge, or any such increase before carriage
A trained dog to lead the blind, when it accompanies a passenger with impaired vision dependent upon such dog When you pay through credit card, Your credit card issuer bank may charge You for currency conversion

Below32kg 70lb Over203cm 80in up to 250cm 100in Three timesthe normal excess baggage charges 3.

Upon issuance of the UM ticket a service charge will be applicable for UM travel as follows each way :• Jordanian and foreign governments charge additional taxes and fees for international travel
مفهوم الغش
In exceptional circumstances, charges may be imposed on us by third parties, which are of a type or amount not normally applicable to our operations for example, insurance premium supplements or additional security costs triggered by unlawful interference with civil aviation
مفهوم الغش
You may be required to pay taxes or fees not already collected
If any tax, fee or charge is abolished or reduced and becomes no longer applicable to all or part of your carriage, a refund can be claimed in respect of any such tax, fee or charge which has been paid
Over45Kg 100lb and foreachadditional10kg 25lb Over250cm 100in and foreach additional 50cm 20in Onenormal excess baggagecharge in additionto the charges in points 1, 2 For destinationsbeyond AMMonenormal excess baggage chargewill be added to any of all above calculations Royal Jordanian as other carriers may accept for transportation in the cabin or cargo hold without charge:• Please ask us or our Authorized Agent for details of how to claim such refund Travel to points beyond RJ gateways in USA and Canada applicable only to UM aged between 12-15 years :• In such cases, you will be required to pay to us, as fare surcharges, all such charges attributed by us to your carriage even if such exceptional circumstances surcharges are imposed after the issuance date of your Ticket

A trained dog to assist the deaf, when it accompanies a passenger with impaired hearing dependent upon such dog; provided that such passenger's impaired hearing shall be evidenced by a medical certificate.

شراب القيقب: الفوائد والأضرار
If any exceptional circumstances surcharge ceases to apply to all or part of your carriage, or a lesser amount is due, a refund can be claimed in respect of any such surcharge which has been paid
ماهو الوزر
You are free to choose not to pay a fare surcharge and receive an involuntary refund of your Ticket in accordance with the provisions of Article 10
فروق بين الإثم والمعصية والخطيئة والذنب الوزر والسيئة الفاحشة
We will contact you with details of any applicable fare surcharges as soon as possible