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Great explanation for why you should say no -- to take back your time from people who just use you because you always say yes " The Book of No is certainly a read worth saying yes to! So you can spend your time and energy on the people you want to help, instead of overwhelming yourself with tasks, projects, and events you have no desire or interest in
I love the idea of establishing personal boundaries and taking control back over life She must have some pretty nasty friends and family based on the scenarios in the book

11 each time you agree when you don,t want to, you give up a piece of yourself.

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Also, given the current state of the economy, the whole section on saying "No" in job situations is completely laughable and unrealistic
ملخص كتاب كيف تقول لا.. توقف عن محاولة إرضاء الآخرين للأبد
When you have a sister this is her example always dumping her drama on you so you say "Sorry, I've got my own drama to deal with" what do you do then? I was shocked at how some of the scenarios were presented
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The theme at the heart of this book is the eye-opening truth of "When you say yes continually to others, you say no to yourself
It's a very good book, but I think it would be helpful if the author put fewer scenarios and place it with some other advices that could help the reader That's how rude people work
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers You can't just hang up on her! She's bound to ask what your drama is

This book has good intentions and a great message: say no to things that are unnecessary in your life.

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As a recovering people-pleaser, I can say that changing one's behavior doesn't happen with a few words, or quickly
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91 over the years you have develope P
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While there are enough of these that some will strike a chord with any reader, the book falls flat by ignoring what would probably draw many people to it in the first place - what to do if your "No" is Billed as "250 ways to say it - and mean it - and stop people-pleasing forever," I read this out of curiosity