Samsung s21. Samsung Galaxy S21

She takes out the SIM ejector tool and charging cable from the box She switches the camera angles while recording
Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR The Galaxy S21 is able to load games quickly, multitask with ease, and more USB-IF was established in 1995 to support and accelerate the market and consumer adoption of USB compliant devices

The display also gets easily bright enough for most users, even in direct sunlight.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
It's easy to record now, then snap later
Samsung Galaxy S21
The Knox security platform delivers a high level of security, protecting your phone from the chip up and giving you more confidence in your data and app permissions
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Woman records her friend driving the SUV
Galaxy S21 5G and S21 Ultra 5G side by side to show the size difference The Samsung Galaxy S21 is more than enough phone for most
She unboxes the phone in Phantom Black and shows the phone's rear side and cameras Then he holds up a pool cue tip to demonstrate the camera focus

She unlocks the phone multiple times using the Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
He taps the Ultra Wide camera mode on both phones
Samsung Galaxy S21
A woman in the passenger seat holds her Galaxy S21 Plus 5G in Phantom Violet in landscape out the window
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Disclaimer: Image simulated for illustrative purposes