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The third earth is called Arqa, wherein dwell mulelike eagles with spearlike tails [Great Books of the Islamic World, Inc
It is they who will be given dominion over Gog and Magog, who will be destroyed by them There dwells a nation called Tamis, whose food is their own flesh and whose drink is their own blood

8-9 Well, the Quran has a few words that hardly seem to occur elsewhere in Arabic literature, like sijjin, for example, and throughout history, Muslim exegetes have attempted to decipher such cryptic references by drawing from pre-Islamic traditions.

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شات يشبهك قلبي شات عراقي شات العراق شات عزف الناي شات صوتي دردشة العراق
The fifth earth is called Maltham, wherein stones of sulphur hang around the necks of infidels
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The inhabitants thereof are a nation called Qays, who eat dirt and drink mothers' milk
" Tales of the Prophets-Qisas al-anbiya, trans
The fourth earth is called Haraba, wherein dwell the snakes of Hell, which are as large as mountains The seventh earth is called Ajiba and is the habitation of Iblis

The inhabitants of this earth are a nation called Jilla, and they have no eyes, hands or feet but have wings like bats and die only of old age.

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When the fire is kindled the fuel is placed on their breasts, and the flames leap up onto their faces, as He hath said: The fire whose fuel is men and stones 2:24 , and Fire shall cover their faces 14:50
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That said, Muslim scripture does state that there is a huge angel who dips his foot in and out of the sea to induce high and low tide, that genies sleep in our nostrils when we sleep and wee into our mouths when we yawn, and that a group of Israelites who broke the Sabbath were turned into apes and swine, so it's not completely out of character for Muslims to believe in extraordinary creatures whose surreal world is superimposed onto our own but with whom we can't interact and of whom no trace can be perceived by us except in prescribed ways
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Arabs associate Pleiades with good luck, especially when comparing it to the lunar station immediately after it, Aldebaran